Funky Chicken Tower Defense

You have fought aliens, monsters, evil wizards… but now prepare for the ultimate test of your battle skills. Chickens have arrived to your town and they want to destroy it! Protect your home with guns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers. It

Strategy Defense 7

War is hell and few games show it like Strategy Defense 7. In an attempt to conquer the enemy base, you will recruit and defeat hundreds of enemy soldiers. Advancing through different eras will give you more advanced weapons and

Heroes Of The Sword

Pick one of the three available heroes based on your style of play and start fighting! This multiplayer game has a unique combat system lets you sweep your mouse to change how you attack enemies. Solve quests, cast powerful spells,

Castle Guard

Defend your castle from the neighboring warlord. Your goal is to keep your castle safe and conquer the enemy’s fortress. Recruit swordsmen, archers, spearmen, and cavalry, then storm the enemy castle. Upgrading your army between fights will increase your odds

Tesla Defense

Back in the day, Nikola Tesla’s inventions were exploited while the famous inventor died in poverty. But in this parallel universe, Tesla bravely defends his tower using ingenious inventions and a mighty electric gun. You’ve been given a second defense

Funkin’ Defense

The forest is under attack by evil creatures called Gorliks. Your task is to summon the aid of cute forest creatures and defend the base. Collect golden stars and use them to upgrade your musicians. They will play funky music

Mad Arrow

The last days of ancient Rome were a time when that old civilization was under attack from all sides by barbarian tribes. You are a Roman commander trying to protect treasure from barbarian attack. Recruit swordsmen and archers and keep

Magic Defense

You are a lone wizard trying to defend your tower from the onslaught of evil monsters. Use four different spells to fight the enemies and defend the tower. As you kill enemies, you earn money for upgrading tower defense, your